12 months post RTKR

It has now been a whole 12 months since the TKR. I didn’t expect to be dealing with a different medical issue so soon that puts the TKR in a position of being the good leg, that is for sure! However, lets cast that aside for a moment and look at how the knee replacement has gone.

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The unexpected neuropathic pain battle – my new plan!

So who said that a knee replacement was the toughest thing I would ever do? erm… me I think. Well I take that back. If you are a knee replacement warrior you will know how hard (and wearing) pain can be. I was sure that was the end of the pain battle for me, until I started with nerve pain in my other leg. Will this thing ever end?

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Racing – I’ve made a decision

If you know anything about me, you will know I’m determined, pig headed and have grand goals. This is how I came to decide that my first race in almost a decade after a long long road through knee injury then subsequent major surgery should be not only a middle distance multi-sport race, but also one I also aimed to be fast enough at to be selected for team New Zealand.

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Muscle recruitment for cycling: recovering from a knee replacement

I saw this neat little diagram that perfectly illustrated for me where my weaknesses still lie in this TKR leg when it comes to trying to get back to the cycling pace I once had.

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Use it or lose it?

Well, this is not news to me, but it is a perfect example of what will happen post knee replacement if you do NOT stay active.

I had sudden knee pain last Tuesday. I have no clue what I did, but what is the initial reaction to pain? Stop doing what you were doing. Yep. That is what I did and this is what happened.

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Knee replacement paranoia – Who even knew I had that!!?

Smith & Nephew, my new right knee has behaved itself pretty well most of the time, until this week when it suddenly started misbehaving. This does NOT sit well with me, and just exacerbates knee replacement paranoia and makes me think I have done some type major dislodgement or something!

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Vlog update: 9 months post RTKR

I can say that this knee is no longer dominating my life, which seems strange because it has done exactly that for the last quite a few years!

I also received a comment from an orthopaedic surgeon from the Uk who said that he had been replacing knees for 25 years and he was seriously impressed by this particular flexion picture. 😀

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