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Wow: you’re so amazing… or so they say.

Nope. I’m not. I’m a highly motivated individual who likes to prove people wrong. And the following statements have been said to me somewhere along my knee replacement journey:

Vlog update: 7 months post RTKR

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this update! There are so many things that have eluded me for so long, I never thought I would get some of them back again. So the progress this month is GIGANTIC!

The role of scar tissue in knee replacement recovery

Something that I get asked regularly is why does it hurt so much when you do the exercises and should it actually hurt? Should you push into the pain barrier or stop when it hurts?

Vlog update: 6 month post RTKR

I’m getting asked how did I do it, how is it I’m doing so well.. etc etc. So as well as a progress update, here’s a few journey reminders and some stern words! Beware, expletives used in this video update but I really feel…

Indoor bike progressions for flexion and strength

The indoor bike was the single best form of exercise for me to increase knee flexion. From around 8 weeks post op, I rode the bike every single day. Here’s how I progressed the exercise to improve flexion and strength / tolerance in the…

Setting giant goals: never let a TKR stop you!

If you have followed my journey so far, you will know that I am not one to easily take no for an answer. So therefore when I make goals – they are GIANT goals. I am a very goal driven person, it is something…

Exercise program: building balance and strength

This week I went to get another opinion because I did not believe the program I had was challenging enough or specific enough to my particular problems: Muscle atrophy Lack of balance and proprioception

TKR Physiotherapy program: building flexion and strength

This was something that I really struggled with. Please bear in mind that I have had absolutely no medication (pain killers or otherwise) since day 3 post op. This may well have slowed me down as I was unable to tolerate as much pain…

FREE workout: Hydrotherapy: water based exercises for TKR

I grabbed the opportunity to be offered hydrotherapy at week 4 (ish) post op because I was struggling to make progress with knee flexion and was ‘behind’ where they would like me to be regards rehab. Since I have been attending hydrotherapy (2 x…

Vlog update: 20 weeks (almost 5 months) post op

VLOG update: I’m now 20 weeks (almost 5 months) Post op and I can now say that I’m actually starting to get my life back. I can also confidently say that although it’s been (and continues to be) a hard road to recovery, I…