11 Months post RTKR update

I have had to do a massive mental shift this month: completely unexpected! Watch to find out what has happened…

3 Comments on “11 Months post RTKR update

  1. Well done Me! I saw my surgeon last week and asked if it was too early to try to reach around and pull my foot up for a quad stretch, he suggested that I try it and WhooHoo I did it all the way up, better than the other leg. So I too am pretty freakin stoked about my knee stretching ability. The down side is that I went back to do a bit of consulting work in a city office and realised I walk as slowly as the old pensioners I see in the city and nearly get bowled over by the brisk office workers, scary stuff, may need crutches or a stick just to let them know I am still wobbly.
    Keep up your great work, hope to hear good race results soon 💜

    • Hahaha! I found that it was as much a mental adjustment as it was physical, to speed up my walking again! Well done on the quad stretch!

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