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Knee replacement paranoia – Who even knew I had that!!?

Smith & Nephew, my new right knee has behaved itself pretty well most of the time, until this week when it suddenly started misbehaving. This does NOT sit well with me, and just exacerbates knee replacement paranoia and makes me think I have done…

Vlog update: 9 months post RTKR

I can say that this knee is no longer dominating my life, which seems strange because it has done exactly that for the last quite a few years! I also received a comment from an orthopaedic surgeon from the Uk who said that he…

Breaking new ground with a bionic knee

I am on the verge of being able to say I have achieved something with this bionic knee that I didn’t even achieve when I still had my own two knees! Want to know what it is?

Goals: should a knee replacement stop you?

Lets get some things straight shall we? Should a knee replacement cause you to re-evaluate your life goals after your operation or not? In this blog I will discuss this very real question for athletes facing a knee replacement.

Are circulation problems connected to a knee replacement?

This is my latest question because it is an issue that I have developed in my right leg only, and only since the total knee replacement. I noticed a varicose vein come up in my calf and thread veins on my ankle. In addition,…

Setting giant goals: never let a TKR stop you!

If you have followed my journey so far, you will know that I am not one to easily take no for an answer. So therefore when I make goals – they are GIANT goals. I am a very goal driven person, it is something…

Beware of the drugs: the dangers of pain killers

This headline popped up today and caught my attention because Oxycodone was the drug they gave me both before and after my knee replacement. If you have been prescribed Oxycodone or are currently on the drug, please read this article.

Race round Bluff hill, which knees won?

We decided to have a bit of fun! The race over Bluff Hill Part 2: which knees won? We had some fun with this before my op (here’s the first video: https://youtu.be/zJR8STDWH7U) and decided to have a re-run, this time asking which KNEES won?