Here I will post the most frequently asked questions – as they come in. 

What happens in a knee replacement?

Here I explain how a knee joint works, what a knee replacement actually is and all the different variations, unicompartmental, partial and full. I borrowed a model of a knee from my local doctors surgery (thank you to that doctor!).

Was it Worth it?

This was a question posed to me quite early into my rehab. I answered this question LIVE on my facebook page when I was 6 weeks post op.

What does it feel like to have a knee replacement?

This has been a difficult question to answer from an explanation point of view. Joint replacement is really only best understood if you have had one! Still, here’s my best attempt and describing what it feels like.

Got a question for me? Feel free to submit it below sand I will be happy to answer it for you! 

Questions that will be answered soon:

  • Why do the exercises hurt so much: should I be worried?
  • When should I have a knee replacement?

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