Use it or lose it?

Well, this is not news to me, but it is a perfect example of what will happen post knee replacement if you do NOT stay active.

I had sudden knee pain last Tuesday. I have no clue what I did, but what is the initial reaction to pain? Stop doing what you were doing. Yep. That is what I did and this is what happened.

It was after my long swim last week. I have puzzled over whether there was something I did to upset the TKR, but I really cannot think of anything. 3km swim is not unusual for me. Neither is pushing off the wall on the turn: I have built up gradually to being able to do this with two legs. So I really have no clue what I did that suddenly caused medial knee pain.

So, perhaps it is what I did NOT do.

  • I have not been to the hospital gym for a few weeks to do strength work, because work has been too busy.
  • I do not actively stretch both legs (stretching is something I never had to worry about, because I am hypermobile)
  • I have not been out walking for a while.
  • I stopped exercising because of the pain – worry – paranoia.

I rested the leg for 4 days, worried I might have done something major to the TKR. I emailed the physio, who said don’t worry unless its still painful in a weeks time.

Then I went back to exercise.

I have been back walking in my lunch break (and horrified how much it actually hurt – DOMS – for something so simple!). I got back on my bike and I got a new indoor training program to help keep me motivated.

Now the knee is fine. In fact, I think I have cycled harder on the two rides using my new program than I have in ages.


Once you have a TKR you then have a lifetime appointment with exercise, in order to keep your TKR working correctly.


Published by Melanie Magowan

I am a personal trainer, massage therapist and small business owner.

4 thoughts on “Use it or lose it?

  1. I just ran for the 1st time yesterday. I was walking the trail and I couldn’t resist a soft flat area and jogged 20 yards or so. It really felt wonderful.


      1. I’m not going to push it. It’s been 7 1/2 weeks . I’m having the left done in December. I know now that trail running will be possible. I’m figuring that a 13 to 14 minute pace on soft trails won’t be much different than a fast hike..


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