You can’t? Well I CAN!

Warning…. wee rant coming on. I am a wee bit tired of hearing that phrase. Whether you can or you can’t, it is a mind set. It is not limited by anything physical, it is just a mind set and nothing more. That injury, that ache or pain that is stopping you, let me tellContinue reading “You can’t? Well I CAN!”

Stats: How many people return to sport after a total knee replacement?

When I completed the Oxman, I was pretty damned sure no one else that day had a 12 month old knee replacement. So, I then began to wonder how common it is for a TKR patient to have goals like mine. So I went to Google Scholar to find some research stats on the subject.Continue reading “Stats: How many people return to sport after a total knee replacement?”

Racing – I’ve made a decision

If you know anything about me, you will know I’m determined, pig headed and have grand goals. This is how I came to decide that my first race in almost a decade after a long long road through knee injury then subsequent major surgery should be not only a middle distance multi-sport race, but alsoContinue reading “Racing – I’ve made a decision”