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Balancing things out post knee replacement

I have said it more than once, the corrections we make BEFORE the knee replacement in order to be able to keep functioning and managing the pain take far longer to re-correct that you might think. One of these is the left leg bias…

Is it possible to be faster with a knee replacement than I was before?

Is it possible to make a knee replacement knee BETTER than the original knee? This is something I have never found evidence to support, but something that nonetheless I have wholeheartedly believed in all the same.

Breaking new ground with a bionic knee

I am on the verge of being able to say I have achieved something with this bionic knee that I didn’t even achieve when I still had my own two knees! Want to know what it is?

8 Months post RTKR Vlog update

8 months post total knee replacement and another momentous thing has started happening this month… just when I thought no more amazing things could possibly happen..!

Goals: should a knee replacement stop you?

Lets get some things straight shall we? Should a knee replacement cause you to re-evaluate your life goals after your operation or not? In this blog I will discuss this very real question for athletes facing a knee replacement.

What does it feel like to have a knee replacement?

This has been a difficult question to answer from an explanation point of view. Joint replacement is really only best understood if you have had one! Still, here’s my best attempt and describing what it feels like.

Jumping controversy: should you or not?

It seems that my most recent Vlog update has sparked quite some discussion in various place in social media, so I have decided to address some of the discussion points that have been raised around the place. If you missed it, here it is…

Wow: you’re so amazing… or so they say.

Nope. I’m not. I’m a highly motivated individual who likes to prove people wrong. And the following statements have been said to me somewhere along my knee replacement journey:

Vlog update: 7 months post RTKR

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this update! There are so many things that have eluded me for so long, I never thought I would get some of them back again. So the progress this month is GIGANTIC!

The role of scar tissue in knee replacement recovery

Something that I get asked regularly is why does it hurt so much when you do the exercises and should it actually hurt? Should you push into the pain barrier or stop when it hurts?