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Vlog update: 20 weeks (almost 5 months) post op

VLOG update: I’m now 20 weeks (almost 5 months) Post op and I can now say that I’m actually starting to get my life back. I can also confidently say that although it’s been (and continues to be) a hard road to recovery, I…

No, I’m sorry, I disagree

I feel like this might be a repetitive phrase of mine lately when it comes to dealing with medical professionals. Sometimes I feel like I might just be deliberately argumentative, and other times I really don’t think they understand which page I am currently…

Vlog update: almost 4 months post op

This is a pretty major update because there is a question that I was asked right back at the start of this journey that I can finally confidently answer.

Vlog: week 14 Post RTKR

This week I reflect on the progress so far, where I’m at, the changes that have taken place and where I still want to get to.

Vlog – weeks 11-13: 3 months post op

Weeks 11-13 Post #RTKR Vlog: coming up to 3 months Post op and some of those seemingly distant goals I had right at the start of this journey are starting to be realised. Plus.. I only realised today.. another interesting change is afoot. All my Vlogs,…

Week 9-10 Post RTKR Vlog: MASSIVE progress

Race round Bluff hill, which knees won?

We decided to have a bit of fun! The race over Bluff Hill Part 2: which knees won? We had some fun with this before my op (here’s the first video: and decided to have a re-run, this time asking which KNEES won?  

Hello Moana pool?!

Hello Moana Pool, it was a pleasure to meet you! I popped in for a swim while in Dunedin visiting friends and developed a cool new swim routine! (It must have looked odd to everyone else though!