Indoor bike progressions for flexion and strength

The indoor bike was the single best form of exercise for me to increase knee flexion. From around 8 weeks post op, I rode the bike every single day. Here’s how I progressed the exercise to improve flexion and strength / tolerance in the tissues in the knee. When I started this program I couldContinue reading “Indoor bike progressions for flexion and strength”


TKR Physiotherapy program: building flexion and strength

This was something that I really struggled with. Please bear in mind that I have had absolutely no medication (pain killers or otherwise) since day 3 post op. This may well have slowed me down as I was unable to tolerate as much pain as someone who was on pain blocking medication. Nevertheless, here isContinue reading “TKR Physiotherapy program: building flexion and strength”

FREE workout: Hydrotherapy: water based exercises for TKR

I grabbed the opportunity to be offered hydrotherapy at week 4 (ish) post op because I was struggling to make progress with knee flexion and was ‘behind’ where they would like me to be regards rehab. Since I have been attending hydrotherapy (2 x weekly ever since) I have seen huge gains in how theContinue reading “FREE workout: Hydrotherapy: water based exercises for TKR”