Is it possible to be faster with a knee replacement than I was before?

Is it possible to make a knee replacement knee BETTER than the original knee? This is something I have never found evidence to support, but something that nonetheless I have wholeheartedly believed in all the same.

Forest Hill is one of very few hills in my local area. We are coastal and the local terrain is famous for being very very flat. Therefore this wee hill is one of my favourites. It is not too far from my house (I cycle past it on my long bike rides) and there’s a top and bottom car park, so the walk can be quite short and steep, or long and steep!

I always choose the short end because it can be done, there and back, in around an hour so can be fitted into almost any free time slot that I might have in the day.

This walk was the one I was doing the day they called me to tell me the date of my TKR. This was was one I was determined to be able to do again: therefore it was one of my short term goals post TKR. Pre op, it was taking me around 35 mins to get from bottom to top. at the top you are rewarded with fabulous views of the local area and a seat to rest!

This is the third time I have walked it, post TKR, and the first time I have attempted it without walking poles. I bought the poles as a necessity before my op when my knee was getting progressively worse and started affecting my mobility.

Being able to walk up and down hills without them is a giant sign for me on my long road to recovery.

So, back to the original question. Can this knee make me faster than I was before?

Watch this video below to find out!


Published by Melanie Magowan

I am a personal trainer, massage therapist and small business owner.

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to be faster with a knee replacement than I was before?

  1. Melanie that video meant a lot to me. You are crushing it! I’m going to start hiking with my poles in the the couple weeks and cannot wait to do the hills with no or little pain. The down hills have always been rough before the surgery. What a great job! Congratulations! By the way I hit 100 degree bend yesterday 2 weeks / days after TNR right side. My PT was very happy. Let’s keep it rolling!


    1. 100 degrees in 2 weeks?! 😳 wowzer! You are also crushing it! Flexion was always a big issue for me and I had to work very hard to get it back. I was still only on about 85 degrees at 8 weeks! Well done!


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