Self diagnosis: lower leg muscle / nerve pain following a TKR

As you know I have been having issues for a long time on my non TKR leg. I have been getting calf pain, foot pain (nerve pain) which has ranged from mild to so severe that it has prevented me from walking, and even getting shoes / socks on.

No-one I have been to see seems to know what is causing it. BUT… detective Mel the massage therapist / personal trainer has it figured out! Here is my theory… with evidence…


Published by Melanie Magowan

I am a personal trainer, massage therapist and small business owner.

3 thoughts on “Self diagnosis: lower leg muscle / nerve pain following a TKR

    1. All fixed now. Pls refresh your page. Thank you for letting me know about this problem Judy! Skip forward you 8:24 to watch the remainder of the video.

      The anatomy app is ‘essential anatomy 5’


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