Vlog – weeks 11-13: 3 months post op

Weeks 11-13 Post #RTKR Vlog: coming up to 3 months Post op and some of those seemingly distant goals I had right at the start of this journey are starting to be realised. Plus.. I only realised today.. another interesting change is afoot. All my Vlogs, both weekly and daily (first 6 weeks post op) can beContinue reading “Vlog – weeks 11-13: 3 months post op”


Prehab: what to do to prepare for surgery: PART 1

In part 1 of my prehab blog series I will discuss what I think is the most important things to consider and what has brought me to that conclusion. I will then follow that up in subsequent blog posts with specific exercise suggestions. In the final part, I will discuss what challenges I faced inContinue reading “Prehab: what to do to prepare for surgery: PART 1”

1 month summary post TKR: to hell and back

It’s fair to say that this last month has been the most challenging of my life. That might sound dramatic, but I am being sincere. The pain associated with a knee replacement is off the chart and cannot truly be described or fully appreciated unless you have been through the operation yourself. Add to thisContinue reading “1 month summary post TKR: to hell and back”