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10 months post RTKR Vlog update

I can’t believe that in two months I have my 1 year follow up!! It seemed like a million years away when I saw the surgeon at week 8 and he said that was the next time I was required to see him! Here’s…

Is it possible to be faster with a knee replacement than I was before?

Is it possible to make a knee replacement knee BETTER than the original knee? This is something I have never found evidence to support, but something that nonetheless I have wholeheartedly believed in all the same.

8 Months post RTKR Vlog update

8 months post total knee replacement and another momentous thing has started happening this month… just when I thought no more amazing things could possibly happen..!

Vlog update: 6 month post RTKR

I’m getting asked how did I do it, how is it I’m doing so well.. etc etc. So as well as a progress update, here’s a few journey reminders and some stern words! Beware, expletives used in this video update but I really feel…

Exercise program: building balance and strength

This week I went to get another opinion because I did not believe the program I had was challenging enough or specific enough to my particular problems: Muscle atrophy Lack of balance and proprioception

Vlog update: 20 weeks (almost 5 months) post op

VLOG update: I’m now 20 weeks (almost 5 months) Post op and I can now say that I’m actually starting to get my life back. I can also confidently say that although it’s been (and continues to be) a hard road to recovery, I…

Vlog update: almost 4 months post op

This is a pretty major update because there is a question that I was asked right back at the start of this journey that I can finally confidently answer.

Vlog: week 14 Post RTKR

This week I reflect on the progress so far, where I’m at, the changes that have taken place and where I still want to get to.

Race round Bluff hill, which knees won?

We decided to have a bit of fun! The race over Bluff Hill Part 2: which knees won? We had some fun with this before my op (here’s the first video:Β https://youtu.be/zJR8STDWH7U) and decided to have a re-run, this time asking which KNEES won?