Vlog update: 9 months post RTKR

I can say that this knee is no longer dominating my life, which seems strange because it has done exactly that for the last quite a few years!

I also received a comment from an orthopaedic surgeon from the Uk who said that he had been replacing knees for 25 years and he was seriously impressed by this particular flexion picture. 😀


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I am a personal trainer, massage therapist and small business owner.

9 thoughts on “Vlog update: 9 months post RTKR

  1. Woohoo! So glad that you made this resource and that you are there for people that you may never know read your every word every day for information and motivation.
    Please continue with it, it’s great.


  2. That is absolutely awesome!! I hit 110 and 0 at 7 weeks last Friday. I hoping I can duplicate your results with my Zimmer!


      1. Big mistake going for a 400 metre slow walk yesterday! Pain level increased today just when I am supposed to be cutting the slow release Palexia painkillers. Just saw the GP and have added Mersyndol to my painkillers. I hope it works, Endone makes me feel strange, hallucinating and too sleepy. I am hoping to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow as I find distractions are good painkillers. My house is a mess but I can deal with that later. Lucky my husband is improving at cooking.
        Will keep u updated.


      2. Pain at back of knee is awful, any thoughts? I couldn’t straighten my leg properly b4 op so maybe it’s stretching the hamstrings that is the cause now?


      3. The lymphatic system – which is responsible for draining away waste fluids – has two lymph nodes behind the knee. That’s likely the cause in the early weeks / months post op. That’s also why a lot of the bruising comes out behind the knee instead of on the front.


      4. Thanks is there anything that I can do about this, I stopped walking as it’s too painful afterwards and am now lying down all the time. I see doc in 2 days time


      5. I saw the ortho today and he sent me for an ultrasound to investigate if the pain behind the knee is due to a blood clot but it isn’t thank goodness. Next step is a vascular surgeon test to see if I have Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome (PAES) which I had after the other TKR and ended up having a fasciotomy and then I had a blood clot after that. So I need to make an appointment to see vascular next week. I think it may also be due to stretching ligaments etc that I haven’t used for a while or tight elastic stocking so I ditched them tonight just to get pain relief and see if it makes a difference.


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